Trading Psychology

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Trading Psychology

Often, the significance of discipline or a systematic trading approach is disregarded when individuals lack proper mentorship or guidance. Many are primarily driven by the desire to achieve high win-rates and maximize profits, overlooking the importance of maintaining a composed mindset. However, at the end of the day, upon reviewing their trades, it becomes evident that a significant portion of their errors can be attributed to emotional disturbances such as immature FOMO (fear of missing out) or revenge trading. Therefore, it becomes crucial to implement a robust system to curb such egotistical tendencies. Even the most experienced traders, unlike robots, must consistently reassess this aspect to ensure success in the long run.(During a discussion about his distinctive trades, a seasoned trader emphasized that trading encompasses both artistic and scientific elements. This notion could potentially parallel the concept of the left and right brain neural network, representing the emotional and logical aspects of individuals.)

Besides being able to automatically calculate lot size by few clicks and send pending limit order immediately, the Ceiling % feature in sPosition Sizing enables us to set a maximum risk % per trade. Different ceiling % profiles can be set for some professional traders if they are trading for different clients concurrently. sPosition Sizing Pro has enhanced feature to split order and simultaneously sending market order.

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