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Trade Organizer 3.0 MYR954(inc. 6% Tax)

1. One Click to navigate directly to selected pair based on current chart setting

2. One Click to close all open trades (or individual pair)

3. Panoramic view of up to 10 number of asset class concurrently :

i. Profit & Loss Unrealized, news update

ii. ADR, week open, day open, spread

iii. Weekly range, daily range, MWR(rolling 4 weeks' weekly range)

iv. HOD & LOD

· Bundled with concise documentation & reference to YouTube video.

· For optimized usage, suggest to open a plan chart(remove all indicators) to contain this EA since this a quick link cum summary view, other unnecessary indicators introduces delay and slowness.

License is for 5 accounts


Note: News feature is removed in MT4 To avoid copyright issue and other possible changes in external website, newsfeed in MT4 is not available in native platform.

sPosition Size & Trigger 1.0 MYR848(Inc. 6% Tax)

1. Risk % Setup by Account size

2. Automatic input of SL, Entry & TP in few clicks

3. Smart computation of position sizing in amount by % of account size

4. Precision entry of automatic Pending Limit Order

5. Automatic sending market order with SL and TP by RR

6. No longer required to calculate lot size

7. Order Split feature introduced to automatically manage your risk minimizing overhead to monitor your trades.

8. Order Split feature introduced to realize profit at different RR level.

· automatic computation of lot size is subject to minimum lot size prescribed by your broker. For example 0.01 or 1 micro lot.

· Bundled with documentation & reference to YouTube video.

· License is for up to 5 accounts.

We live by Quality

  • For traders in transition or in exploration for 100% full algorithmic trading.

  • For traders who understand the ROI, opportunity cost and which area could be better enhanced or eliminated.

  • For traders who are more focusing on accumulating their minimally 10,000 hours screen time and beyond.

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