Interest Rate & FX Projection

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~Part 2 (Part 1 = the Structure at HTF )~ proceed further with prior understanding of Treasury Bills/Bond.

Bringing to the table, we take 2 examples to drill with Trade organizer:

  1. Bullish Projection on crosses(aka FX Minors) GJ&AJ - DR(daily range) marathon to hit 3xADR as a result of

    i. JPY weakened (for simplicity, skipping the topic on UJ as major currency itself to drill further) AND

    ii. FX strengthened ( for simplicity, if USD remain at constant pace from rising, it conversely affect FX pairs)

  2. XAU/AUD

    i. Bearish Projection as a result of strengthening of AUD(refer 1ii) assuming GOLD remains constant for simplicity.

  3. The next topic we'll discuss is TOD (Time of the Day), which we will delve deeper into in our upcoming blogs. Specifically, we'll explore the situation where UC is lingering at WO & DO while CJ is partially affected by JPY, as mentioned in point 1. This scenario can be seen as an inactive operating hour. It's important to consider other factors and projections regarding its intended direction based on your trading style, on singular context this pair may not be ideal to focus on.

    In essence, analyzing the data in Trade Organizer enables us to effectively filter and prioritize our preferred currency pairs effortlessly.

    Disclaimer: All the materials presented with the intention to provide guidance on how to utilize the features in Trade Organizer.

    Note: In the market, you can find various mentorship programs that offer different techniques. You might consider incorporating their approaches to support your projections during your transition or as an additional resource to enhance your profile.