HTF - Higher Time Frame

- the DICTATOR (Part 1)



Forex MT5 Higher Time Frame HTF Artificial Trade Organizer Bonds Interest Rates
Forex MT5 Higher Time Frame HTF Artificial Trade Organizer Bonds Interest Rates

HTF-Higher Time Frame( **Don't Swim against the Current) A novice once mentioned the abundance of knowledge to be gained in trading. It is often advertised as an easy way to make money, allowing individuals to simply bring their laptops to a cafe and trade while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. The belief is that by focusing on lower time frames, one can quickly make profits in a matter of minutes. The current state of mind can be summarized into ~"You don't know WHAT you NEED to know yet"(This came from one of our mentors in our early years of trading). In order to make profit, the journey from novice to professional, with limited recourses, you are indeed battling with troops of seasoned professionals.

Achieving fundamental soundness can be challenging, and one of the advantages of forex trading is that less emphasis on fundamental analysis but remains a necessity. Solid understanding of bonds and their correlation to the underlying asset class being traded provides an edge in trade projection and it's printed on HTF cascaded down to lower timeframe. Trading is not a solitary journey (at least not by looking at indicator alone), trading is a holistic business.

One example : D1 (Projection) ==> H4 (***) ==> H1 (***/*) ==> LTF M15 or M5 (*)

*=timeframe to place entry ***=Patterns are usually well presented & more reliable.

More key words are added - PROJECTION, CASCADE, PATTERN and DISCIPLINE.

Last element is TIME, buddying with algorithmic trading, we envision to create greater value with limited time.

~Level: Beginner/New Explorer

~ Identify the KEY words

~Not limited to but minimally knowing this concept boosts projection

~exclude the money flow concept to reduce complexity