Engulfing pattern remains to be the all time favorite for many traders. They indicate strength on its intended direction. Yet they are only valid at swing points. Therefore, can never be used in isolation. You may need to add stringent rules to enhance your winning rate in order to protect your equity.

Above chart contained 2 LONG trades of which one was entered using our BUY ENGULFING script which was able to automatically identify engulfing pattern based on your preference and closed accordingly. While another was fired manually and actively running as seen on our Trade Organizer panel (top left on GBP/USD pair).

Another *key feature of the script is, it incorporates an automatic mechanism both rolling backward and forward for pattern identification and realignment. In this context, the Engulfing pattern. This is a simpler version compared to full-fledged EA(100% automation with algorithmic robot) of which much more complex configurations are necessary for precision accuracy.